962,886 villages.com.au searches in 12 months – up 24%

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In the 12 months for December 2014 to 3 December 2015, 669,969 people made 962,886 searches on villages.com.au because they ask thinking about moving to a retirement village.

This is an increase of 24% (from 774,414 searches) in the previous 12 months.

Three points are obvious.

First, more people are using the Internet to search and compare retirement villages.

Second, interest and demand far exceeds supply. Just 20,000 village units were sold in the 12 months compared to nearly 700,000 people searching.

Third, most people who are searching for a village use villages.com.au, with an average of 1.44 searches per person. They are not researching residential homes or apartments, or home care or washing machines. Just seniors accommodation like retirement villages, rental villages and land lease communities.

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