A surprise result in the McCrindle Baynes Village Census – new village residents younger than expected

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The consensus across the sector is that the average age of entry of new residents to retirement villages has been increasing. General wisdom points to the age 76 for new villages and approaching 80 for established villages. Additionally, the view has been that not-for-profit villages attract an older cohort to private villages.
The McCrindle Baynes Village Census 2013/4 that surveyed 5,200 residents across 232 private and not-for-profit villages found a different picture. This significant survey size delivered 1,040 residents who had moved into the village in the previous 23 months. From the graph opposite, the facts are:
• 26% are younger than 70 years of age
• all up 47% pay less and 75 years of age
• 69% are less than 80 years of age
• 32% are 80 or older
The research however did confirm that the major push factor was health. Seven of the 10 top push factors to join a village were health related. 48% acknowledge they personally had a medical disability and this influenced their decision to join the village.


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