Andrew Giles and Chris Rooke lead One Fell Swoop’s 2015 East Coast US study tour: 21-30 October

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Talk to anyone who joined the 2104 US West Coast One Fell Swoop study tour and you will get the unanimous response that it was ‘remarkable’.

So they are doing it again, but this time down the US East Coast (New York, Washington, Orlando and on to Dallas).

Led by Andrew Giles and Chris Rooke, they are repeating the strategy to experience ‘best imaginable’ service delivery, visiting not only villages but leading hotels for back office briefings. The program:

  • Attend 20 plus presentations, tours and meeting
  • Meet some of the world’s best operators and learn their strategies and secrets first-hand
  • Go behind the scenes at a variety of retirement communities and leading hotels
  • Get ahead on new technology in retirement living and aged care
  • Stay at leading hotels where services excellence is second nature
  • Network with other senior executives and form lasting business relationships

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