Be gentle with yourself ​

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Firstly, I want to acknowledge the wonderful work village professionals are doing around the country.    

I know from my many discussions this week many of you have had sleepless nights, your heads are spinning and already the feeling of ‘overwhelmed’ is creeping in.

One thing I know is that as a Village professional you feel a great responsibility to the residents who live in your community and your team

You will be acutely aware of the anxiety and fear that is surrounding your residents and their families, your staff and their families, and yourself and your own family.

As Leaders in communities it is vital we practise kindness both towards others and ourselves.

Every person will respond to this crisis differently and it is so very important we remain empathetic, compassionate, non-judgemental, kind and thoughtful. But PLEASE do not forget to be all of this towards yourself: “give yourself permission to pause”.  

Keep your energy levels high, take a walk, stop for a quite cup of tea, Facetime your family, a friend or a trusted colleague, arrange a zoom catch up with your team, cut some flowers for your office, do whatever it is that you need to do to keep yourself calm.

And freely remind others that this is a time for kindness if you experience hostility towards yourself for decisions made or actions taken.

Know that unashamedly you have made these decisions with good intent for the benefit of the whole community.

And wherever you can have a laugh; laughter truly is the best medicine!  

Please know that the DCM Institute team is here to support you, if you find yourself needing to reach out. Do not hesitate to be in touch with us at