Damaging Press Reports Continue in QLD – Time to Renew Focus on Accreditation? (Heffernan, R. ‘Buyback is Unfair, Says Son – Woman, 98, Offered Half Price for Retirement Unit,’ The Sunday Mail, June 08, 2008, p. 42) and (Sweetman, T. ‘Aged Care Needs a Dose of Empathy,’ The Courier Mail, June 07, 2008, p. 65)

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Negative press reports continue to tar the industry’s reputation this week.
A follow-up on last week’s Sunday Mail article aired reader responses to it – “Buyer
beware is so true! The name of the game is profit!” – as well as complaints of profiteering
at a Milstern Retirement Services home in Torquay, Victoria.
Adding fuel to this growing fire, Tony Sweetman wrote in The Courier Mail of his aunt
“being dudded” by a Queensland retirement village – going so far as to declare:
“Mercifully, death intervened before she had to face up to her concerns.”
Increased regulation appears likely unless the industry gets in first. The RVA / ACQ
accreditation program needs to be accelerated as a short-term action.
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