Geelong has two villages in development – with one creating angry neighbours

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Karingal, a community Not For Profit in Geelong, has launched Stage One of its Barwarre Gardens Retirement Village. Located seven kilometres from Geelong in the township of Marshall, the village is a new line of business for Karingal after it closed down its Karalee age care facility last year.
Elsewhere in Geelong another village development (name unknown) is making enemies of its neighbours because the council is making the neighbours pay between $3,400 and $257,000 for drainage works leading to the village site; they are zoned Rural while the village is zoned Residential. The developer only has to pay $349,000 of the $1.1 million cost. The neighbours went to VCAT but the council won, specifying the drainage was needed for public health, voiding any objections.