Keeping connected ​

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This week Rachel Lane, Principal of Aged Care Gurus, shared a great YouTube clip that helped her own daughter stay connected with her grandparents during this time.

This got me thinking that as Village professionals it is so very important for us to help residents navigate the easy to use technology options available to them to remain connected with family, each other and importantly you.

It is obvious that many can use email and the telephone and some villages have their own app for internal communication but in a time when isolation is going to bring great loneliness to many, particularly those living alone, perhaps you can provide a little bit of extra support so that residents can remain connected using the easy technology options available today, hopefully they may even share with their friends in the wider community.

Consider providing tutorials, YouTube is a great source of instructions on:  

Also consider sources of interesting information to them to keep entertained:

  • How to use Pinterest
  • The State library app
  • The Audible app
  • Even consider subscribing to newsletters of interest such as The Donaldson Sisters, The Senior, Your life your choice, etc…

There are many many studies on the benefits of social connectedness particularly in adults perhaps making it a priority to share one of these options each week is a great place to start.

Another action to consider is how are you going to remain connected with your residents?  

Will you set a calling roster to check in by phone, will you Facetime occasionally (where you can), will you set up a buddy system within the village where a group of residents virtually check on each other, this is a time to be creative.