NSW Government ups the stakes on other states in solar – 60c/KWh fed back into the grid, support for community centres powering up

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The financially challenged NSW Government surprised the solar industry by announcing on Tuesday it was increasing its proposed Feed in Tariff (FiT) from $0.44 to $0.60 per kilowatt hour of electricity fed back into the grid. This is approximately four times the rate charged for power (i.e. buy for $0.14 from the grid but sell back for $0.60). The FiT commences in January. (If the Liberals win in NSW they will pay a ‘gross’ FiT, being payment at $0.60 for all electricity generated, including what you consume yourself).

NSW has also opened the FiT to community centres that use less than 160 megawatt hours per year – the equivalent of the consumption of 14 normal houses – which cover most village centres. The forthcoming Federal Government Solar Credits will subsidise the installing of community facility solar panels. Victoria also offers a $0.60 FiT but not for community centres. SA and QLD offer just $0.44.