Prime Trust Invests $170 Million at Townsville’s Carlyle Gardens, Includes Digital Infrastructure and Environmental Technologies (Raggatt, T. ‘Baby boomers’ village grows,’ Townsville Bulletin, June 11, 2008, p. 23)

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Listed property group Prime Trust will invest more than $170 million expanding its retirement village at Carlyle Gardens, Condon over the next four years. ILU numbers will double to more than 720, 66 serviced apartments will be built, and a 90-bed aged care centre is planned and awaiting government approval. The village was bought last year for $49.5 million.

Prime’s North Queensland project manager Peter Kirkham said the company was targeting two distinct baby boomer markets: those over 65 looking for a resort lifestyle, and others aged around 55 seeking the latest digital and environmental technologies.

Prime was responding with plans for fibre optic connections as well as environmental features including a suite of energy innovations and options for roof-top solar photovoltaic panels.

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