R.I.P. the RVA but the Property Council hits 2013 running – prestige CEO panel reviews retirement market in Sydney 19 February

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The Retirement Village Association formally ceased December 31 with its merger into the Property Council of Australia, led by the new Retirement Living Council. Already the Property Council is flexing its corporate muscle with a series of strategy panels being announced.
Registration is open for the Retirement Outlook 2013 program – Tuesday 19 February [4 PM to 6 PM] – Sydney Powerhouse Museum, reviewing the NSW Government ‘ageing strategy’ and the future of ‘service integrated housing’.
It is the first public outing by Michael Eggington [pictured]since he took over leadership of Lend Lease Retirement Living, plus Peter Brown, the recently retired CEO of FKP [and therefore Aveo], exposes himself the first time to the retirement sector.
The lineup is:
Key presentation Jason Anderson – Chief Economist, Macroplan Dimasi
Moderator: Tony Massaro – Ingenia M&A’s
Derek McMillan – CEO Retirement Living, Australian Unity
Michael Eggington – Head of Retirement Living, Lend Lease
Peter Brown – Former CEO, FKP Property Group
Bookings: https://www.propertyoz.com.au/nsw/Article/EventRegistration.aspx?p=36&id=2922
Sponsored by Grindley. Property Council Members $125, non members $145
Melbourne and Brisbane retirement Outlook dates:
Melbourne – Tuesday 26 February [panel/presentation being finalized]
Brisbane – Friday 1 March [panel/presentation being finalized]