IN FIELD 8-20 July 2022

Power up your village marketing with genuine ratings by your residents. 

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Over 550 retirement villages and land lease communities have surveyed their 45,000 residents with DCM Research, to deliver their village or community independent ResiRating score, the essential sales and marketing tool.

Book your village for the next ResiRating flight, in field 8-20 July 2022, so that you have your 2022 ResiRating scores and logos for all your collateral and digital assets by mid-September, for marketing and sales through the key summer sales period and beyond. 

Valid for two years

ResiRating scores are valid for two years. The investment is just $10 per resident, with 100% of residents receiving a paper survey and reply postage-paid envelope. Option to complete online if preferred – it’s up to your residents.

The process is easy: 8 questions, 5 minutes to complete, with all support collateral supplied by DCM Research.

To register, complete the form below. It’s quick. It’s easy.