Retirement Village sector unites to reduce the spread of COVID-19 ​

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This week has been a busy week for the DCM Institute team. 

We have been liaising with industry partners and bodies, building resources, and fielding phone calls and emails from concerned village professionals all doing their best to keep ahead of COVID-19.  

However, amongst ‘the busy’ there have also been some moments of great pride as we have witnessed the unity of the sector helping each other navigate these uncertain times.

The Property Council Retirement Living Committee’s across the nation are regularly coming together to share knowledge, work on solutions for today and the coming months.

Importantly they are taking the lead to seek guidance from Departments and Ministers around the potential conflicts of lockdowns and Retirement Village Act legislative requirements ie. budget/annual meetings, buy backs etc.

A special shout out to Harish Bastian (pictured) and the team from RetireAustralia.  

They are leading the way to not only ensure their own team have the resources they need but have also allowed DCMI to re-purpose many of their tools to be able to support operators around the country.