RSL LifeCare buys another village – the award winning Tea Gardens Grange – from Geoff Cox

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Ron Thompson continues to expand RSL LifeCare with the surprise purchase from Geoff Cox’s Crighton Properties of the multi award winning 190 ILU Tea Gardens Grange village. Located on the Mid North Coast, Cox is retaining ownership of a similar village development almost next door, called The Hermitage. He reports to us that the sale allows him to fast track his new village developments, one in Bathurst which he can move forward with construction now, and Mudgee which can now commence next year.

And there is an interesting twist to the story. The first registered club to ever set up an ageing in place accommodation service was the Gosford RSL Club. Recently they spun their village and care service off in to a new entity RSL Leisure Living. It is opening next week a big new care facility adjacent to Cox’s The Hermitage and down the road from his just sold The Grange. They are also joining Cox in Bathurst, building a 60 bed facility close to his new village, 250 kls from the Gosford club. This continues the trend of Not for Profit’s and private groups working together.