Senior Mini Village the Future of Retirement Living, says WA Developer (Haig, R. ‘Small Change to Plans for Retirement,’ The West Australian, June 14, 2008, p. 12)

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A new concept in retirement living – the Senior Mini Village – is being developed in selected suburbs around Perth. Conceived by the WA-based Seniors Realty Group, the Mini Village differs from traditional villages by reducing its size to clusters of two to five homes, offering freehold rather than leasehold and allowing clients to have a say in design and location.

“Senior Mini Villages will be the future trend of retirement living in Australia,” said SRG spokesman Peter Dean. “The concept allows seniors to dictate to us what they want, instead of us telling them.” Plans are under way to build in Dianella, Yokine, Madeley and Mandurah.
Prices start at $440,000 and not deposit is required.

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