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AbiBird is an unobtrusive activity sensor that assists older Australians to remain independent. It tracks normal day and night activity in the home and sends a message to a carer’s smart phone if it senses unusual activity, or if activity stops. AbiBird costs less than 70cents a day and there are no upfront costs or lock-in contracts. Ingenious technology!


AbiBird is a wholly owned division of ATF Services Pty Ltd. ATF Services is an Australasian group of companies with 350 employees and contractors across 65 branches in Australia and New Zealand. ATF Services has been operating for 28 years. ATF Services is a leading provider of outdoor security surveillance technology, temporary fencing and height safety solutions.

The AbiBird solution was developed in September 2017, utilising the sensor technology developed by ATF Services over the prior 4 years. AbiBird was launched in November 2017, offering a pilot solution to 500 families in Perth, WA and Moreton Bay, QLD. Having gathered user feedback from its pilot campaign, AbiBird went live with its commercial product offering in June 2018.

Australians are living longer, and most people want to retain their independence and remain in their own home.

‘Ageing in place’ has a host of benefits, but there are some risks as well.  The reality is:

  • one in three people aged 65+ has a substantial fall each year
  • one in two people aged 80+ has multiple falls per year
  • thirty per cent of people who fall need medical attention.

AbiBird is designed to help give families peace of mind that their independently living loved ones are ok, and importantly, alert them if something may not be ok.


AbiBird is a small, unobtrusive sensor that can be placed on a bench top, shelf, table or wall. The AbiBird sensor uses world-first intelligent technology and a discreet motion sensor to track ‘normal’ day and night activity that is displayed on a carer or family member’s Smartphones via an app. A quick glance at the app will confirm that your loved one is going about their routine as usual. If activity exceeds normal routines, or if motion stops, AbiBird will send an alert to any number of nominated loved-ones or carers.

A key difference between AbiBird and alternative products is that AbiBird offers wireless, unobtrusive activity sensing without the need for a wearable device or a telephone or internet connection. Also, as there’s no camera or audio recording, privacy is maintained. AbiBird looks out for your loved ones without looking over them.

  • Downloading the free app, pairing AbiBird to a smartphone (via Blue Tooth) and setting up a routine schedule takes less than a few minutes.
  • The primary carer can set up multiple users to receive alerts, creating a virtual ‘electronic neighbourhood watch’ network.
  • The AbiBird sensor is placed in the most used room(s) of the house. AbiBird recommends a first sensor is placed in the bedroom / bathroom and a second AbiBird sensor should be placed in the kitchen / dining / living area.

The AbiBird app compares activity in the home to the daily set routine and lets the carer network know if something unusual happens. The cared-for-person can also trigger an emergency alert (‘Call for Help’) by repeatedly tapping (up to 10 quick taps) the top of the AbiBird sensor.

For further information about the best way to help provide peace of mind for residents and their families, contact James Tucker, General Manager AbiBird  on +61 (0)408 725 130 or email JamesT@abibird.com.au