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As part of the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety, the NSW Government have made changes to the Retirement Villages Act. All providers are required to create and maintain an Asset Management Plan.

Well implemented and managed plans help you anticipate and manage Capital and Operational expenditure proactively for your facilities. Data will drive your decisions, and you have obligations regarding how you record and maintain your asset data. Great data gives you complete visibility over the entire asset portfolio and Asset Register, enabling a line-of-sight from planning through to operational execution.

At AssetFuture, our specialist award-winning team enable compliant Asset Registers and AMPs for all industry sectors. Our technology platform can interface with any data you may already have, such as in an existing financial or accounting system or a Works Management Tool.

If your data is unreliable (missing data or it hasn’t been kept up to date), our data acquisition team use the AssetFuture mobile application, AssetCapture to create or enhance your Asset Register.

You are now one click away from creating your compliant plans in the AssetFuture Platform. Any new capital items that are added to your Asset Register will now automatically update your plans, ready to be shared with residents.

We've helped Retirement Living providers make great decisions for their facilities, and become compliant with the new regulations across NSW.

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