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585 Burwood Road, Hawthorn VIC 3122, Australia

Crosier Scott Architects are a Melbourne based design studio with a highly regarded track record in Seniors Living. Our approach is client-centred, with design evolving through a robust process of listening, observing, challenging, and investigating. We work to explore the possibilities of each site and develop buildings that are energised by their context. We have a strong understanding of designing highly optimised environments with spatial qualities that enhance and invigorate work and living.


Crosier Scott undertakes ongoing investigations into Seniors Living Design, exploring international precedents, local exemplars, and future trends. These insights help us to design pleasant living environments with exceptional embedded amenity – all achieved by implementing smart design solutions. These learnings also inform the industry about the complex issues of developing cost-effective and ethical facilities, and present an over-arching philosophy behind designing good Seniors Living facilities.

Seniors Living developments present a truly unique opportunity to create facilities of outstanding calibre in keeping with the character and values of both our clients and future residents. They are an opportunity to create forward-thinking and inspirational Seniors Living environments that enrich lives. Crosier Scott is well positioned to deliver the outcomes that our clients require, supporting intellectual, physical, and emotional well being to residents through choice, community and outstanding design. We passionately believe that the design outcomes we deliver, are helping to shape the development of exemplary Seniors Living outcomes across the industry.

Our experience in Seniors Living enables us to design market responsive facilities that are welcoming and engaging for residents, as well as efficient to operate for providers. Our Seniors Living communities are designed to be ‘connected’, so that living environments promote well being and offer a true sense of place and a vibrant lifestyle that allows residents to form strong connections to the surrounding community.


We Work With You

Crosier Scott designs and delivers impeccable architectural outcomes. Our approach is client-focused and people-centred, with design evolving through a robust process of listening, observing, challenging, and investigating.

We are highly experienced and pragmatic design and delivery architects, who utilise our deep understanding and experience across all development sizes and typologies to strategically innovate. The best architectural outcomes are achieved through trust and collaboration, and we are proud of our reputation for creating strong and long-term client relationships and for being reliable and supportive project partners from start to finish.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you create the very best in Seniors Living through smart design solutions.

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