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144-146 Russel Street, Emu Plains NSW 2750, Australia

A third generation family business, Crown Furniture has been inspiring living for over 20 years with our range of handcrafted, Australian made furniture. We work with you every step of the way to create functional fit for purpose furniture for your residents, staff and visitors. From interior design to spatial planning, our experts are here to help.


At Crown Furniture we design and manufacture with inspiration, dignity and technical expertise. Our Australian-made furniture inspires living.

Locally manufactured at our factory in Western Sydney, our skilled craftspeople understand that every curve and every corner can make a difference. Manufacturing all that we can in Australia gives us greater control on quality, lead times and on meeting your needs.

It’s about more than furniture, it’s about living. Almost every product in our range can be made to suit your décor – from fabrics and piping to buttoning, quilted backs, timber stains and more.
Furniture is a part of our everyday lives. As we sit in a chair, we let its form dictate ours. When we stand at a table, we adjust our posture to its height. With every moment, we are adjusting our lives to fit the world we live in.

We’re dedicated to creating products that inspire living without compromising on style. That’s why we’re the leading aged care, mental health and healthcare furniture provider in Australia.


Handcrafted, Australian-designed furniture for aged care, health care & retirement living. Our purpose is making your residents and patients feel at home.