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Lobby 1, Level 2, Skyring Terrace, Newstead QLD 4006

We are trusted specialists in seniors housing development, marketing, sales and operations.

We are end-to-end specialists, bringing retirement communities to life, from initial vision to a vibrant  community atmosphere and everything in between. We work collaboratively with our partners to ensure they benefit from our innovative approach, extensive knowledge of their target market, proven sales performance, and our focus on delivering results.

At Entero, we understand the future of retirement.


Project Management:
From site identification through to practical completion of the development project we are always focused on bringing our client’s vision to life. We understand property development and know that the creation of a ‘home’ is the first step in creating vibrant communities.

Project marketing & sales:
Quality leads to deposits and settlements, we know the success of any project is the speed upon which units are settled.
Our integrated marketing and sales approach is continually refined to deliver sales results which exceed industry conversion.

Village operations:
Our highly experienced village managers apply their in-depth industry knowledge to the establishment of new villages and the refinement of existing village operations.
Village operations also includes the establishment of operational procedures, staff recruitment and unit resales.


Seniors housing:

  • property development
  • project marketing & sales
  • sales training
  • village operations