Health Generation

    Health Generation
PO BOX 89, Highpoint City, VIC, 3032

Health Generation is a contemporary Aged care consulting practice supporting small to large Aged Care organisations with their quality and compliance and clinical and financial (ACFI) challenges.

Health Generation comprises a unique mix of Diagnostic Clinicians and Implementation Specialists (Registered Nurses) and Client Partners (Clinical and Business experts). We are a highly experienced and agile team, adept at partnering with Executive Management, Boards and Clinical teams to jointly create, develop and implement proactive strategies to efficiently manage the clinical and financial operations of Aged Care organisations.
Health Generation was established out of the need to provide the Aged Care industry with greater variety and flexibility of service provision in the areas quality and standards compliance, as well as ACFI funding and education.

Health Generation’s inclusive and adaptive approach allows our clients to each receive tailored service solutions and implementation models that align their plans and strategies to the deliverance of high-quality care.

Health Generation are subject matter experts; we operate individually, or as a team in providing organisation and site-level services and solutions to:

Critically analyse our client’s compliance obligations and implement outcomes aligned to the Aged Care quality standards.

Align or improve our client’s funding through onsite support with ACFI assessments, inclusive of care planning.

We build the internal organisational capabilities of our client’s ACFI knowledge, clinical education and the ability of site staff to deliver and communicate care that is documented.


ACFI Funding for Care

Our team of diagnostic clinicians work at a site level to ensure that the care being provided is funded optimally and is clinically evidenced. It includes attending to all ACFI and non-ACFI assessments on site.

ACFI Education for Reframing Care

This service builds on the existing ACFI knowledge and systems of your aged care facility. It is meant to empower your staff and team of carers to ensure excellence in ACFI and non-ACFI assessments, care planning & delivery.

ACFI audit

We provide on and offsite ACFI auditing, reviewing for compliance and congruency within the ACFI business rules. We help you understand your risk profile of claims submitted and provide solid solutions mitigate clinical & financial risks.

Compliance Audit

Our Compliance Audits provide critical analysis of how well your organisation is aligned to the aged care quality standards. We identify the key areas of concerns and associated risks to your aged care home.

Compliance Education & Training

Our compliance education and training services are specially designed to provide your staff with both intensive and experiential learning on compliance, standards and overarching regulations.

Remediation & Implementation

Our Compliance implementation and remediation services are focused on managing complex compliance requirements. We offer a range of options, including fully costed action plans to address significant non-compliance.

Unannounced mock commission audit

We undertake an unannounced audit at various times during the week to give an accurate indication of how the team might interact with an unannounced Commission visit. This service includes education, drawing from examples of how the team succeeded or failed with this process and what they need to do to improve.

Self-assessment review

Our self-assessment review service provides an exceptional opportunity to increase your organisation's understanding of how it delivers care and services and to improve outcomes for consumers, prior to submission to the Commission.
Completing a self-assessment will provide evidence that improvement has taken place and assist in communicating a provider’s success.