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Health Metrics’ software eCase provides an end-to-end software solution that manages the functions of Retirement Villages, Home Care and Residential Aged Care. From the CRM/Waitlist to exit/transfer, eCase manages the entire client experience, throughout their journey.  Using technology that forms a Single Client Record Architecture (SCRA™), the software seamlessly delivers an integrated view of the customer, with client information remaining common between services provided. As residents of Retirement Villages may require to spend a short amount of time in a Residential Aged Care (RAC) facility, eCase® allows for dual and triple status clients, thus integrating across all modes of care.


Health Metrics is a leading provider of software solutions to the health and aged care sector.   Our enterprise software solution, eCase®, is an end-to-end enterprise system that supports the functions of Retirement Villages, Residential Aged Care and Home Care for customers of any size.

Health Metrics designed eCase to put people first, following a resident centric model for care.  The software provides carers with an easy to use, intuitive program that mitigates risk and provides superior resident outcomes.   Our software ensures that, from a care and administrative perspective, nothing is ever missed, overlooked or forgotten.

eCase is also designed with a Single Client Record system, that means that as clients move from Home Care, into another form of care, their clinical care records move with them, irrespective of their status, location or services.  Whether Home Care, Retirement Living, or Residential Care, eCase caters for all permutations.

Health Metrics is an innovative and forward looking organization, backed by founders with extensive knowledge of IT, aged care metrics, and clinical care.   We know that digital infrastructure is the foundation on which aged care providers will depend. It has to be secure to protect critical information. It has to be stable and provide expected functionality for the organisation. It also has to be scalable to respond to the increasing demands of expansion. And, it must sustain these traits over extended periods of time.

 eCase is designed with the ability to ensure security, stability and scalability over the long-term; making it the number one choice of key leaders in the provision of quality aged care.


eCase provides an end-to-end software solution that manages the functions of Retirement Villages, Home Care and Residential Aged Care.

Waitlist and financial management
eCase also provides oversight of maintenance and operating costs of properties within a village. The eCase Retirement Village module provides a complete historical perspective of each unit, including DMF management, refurbishment costs, capital gain/loss details, a detailed history of occupants, as well as a unit’s sales record.

eCase CRM/Waitlist functionality provides recording and tracking functionality for all stages of the pre sales and admission cycle. Each component of the pre-admission/admission cycle can be tailored to suit the provider.  This in turn gives scope for the provider (owner/operator) to accurately waitlist clients to the most suitable service based on the financial and potential care requirements of the individual.

Financial data from client/resident agreements are stored and managed in the financial module. The charges module allows for push/pull data from any integrated core financial system. The eCase Maintenance module also integrates into the financial data store.

eCase Reporting module offers comprehensive reporting options for all levels within the business. These include, but are not limited to; standard operational reporting, triggered notifications, report generator outputs and business intelligence dashboards.

eCase Retirement Villages: Manage potential and existing clients / Clinical Management / Medication Management / Generate quotes and contracts / Manage DMF and other fees/charges / Business intelligence dashboards and other ad-hoc reporting / Surveys and Competencies

eCase Home Care: Activity configuration / Client-carer matching / Automated service plans / GPS mapping and geo-spatial services / Single Client Record Architecture / Predictive analysis / Consumables management / Secure Portals (client, vendor and staff) / Financial Systems Integration / Surveys and Competencies

eCase Residential: CRM / Resident Management including eQuotes and eContracts / ACFI Management / Medicare B2B / Clinical Management / Medication Management / Catering / Quality and Risk / Financial Systems Integration / Surveys and Competencies