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HUR is the world's leading supplier of exercise solutions for over 50s, seniors, disabled and the rehabilitation market. We have been manufacturing the highest quality equipment for 30 years and have over 10,000 installations across 6 continents. Our equipment is in hundreds of gyms across Australia including tens of reference sites to see our machines in action.


The HUR difference.

Safe training for all with air resistance: Close to zero starting load and increments as low as 100g mean that even the weakest can train and improve without risking injury. Air resistance also means our equipment is silent, giving a friendly environment with no noise leaking out of the gym into other areas.

Efficient training with computerised programmes: HUR SmartTouch allows for tailored exercise programmes for everybody so that when someone 'taps-on' to a piece of equipment, the resistance is adjusted to suit their needs, along with the number of repetitions as well as the seat and arm positions. This kind of training means that there is no need for one-on-one guidance and monitoring, nor for time-consuming paperwork thanks to the automated report writing, saving time and money.

Motivated training with easy-to-use equipment: No need for manual adjustment of settings, no uncomfortable and ill-fitting seats, a quiet, pleasant atmosphere and automatic increases to resistance as the user progresses, all lead to an effective, well supported gym.

The complete package.

HUR has participated in numerous research projects world-wide and gathered 30 years of expertise with older adult exercises. This knowledge is now available for the Australian retirement and aged care industry allowing operators to utilise the most advanced health and fitness technology available.

Focusing on muscle strength is the key to effectively manage balance and core strength – helping older adults keep doing the things that they love. HUR Australia can assist you to create a complete package for any 50+ or seniors’ gym. We can assist with the design, to select specialised equipment sets, train the trainer to create a village tailored program and individualised seniors’ wellness plans.

HUR is leading the way for offering active ageing programs and having a passion to bring resistance training into reach for every Australian.

Video testimonials worldwide:

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