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Project Management
35 Richards Lane, Surry Hills NSW 2010, Australia

At MAGUS Project Management we we are providing up-front strategic advice, bespoke solutions, attention to detail and a personal touch. Our team has a significant depth of experience in construction and development related Project Management across most sectors of the industry with a special focus on High Medical Need and Aged Care Housing such as NDIS, aged care & seniors living. MAGUS approach to Aged Care and Seniors Living is to listen carefully and manage collectively. We allow time to understand our clients visions and what project outcomes are expected in order to integrate them into the project management process in a genuine collaborative approach.


MAGUS Project Management is the project management division of MHN Design Union Pty Ltd. We are experts in effective and efficient project delivery. We pride ourselves on our ability to interrogate and understand our client’s objectives, our ability to choose the most effective delivery mechanism and to turn these objectives into reality.

We are focused on delivering a high value service to our clients by utilising our expertise and knowledge of the development and building industry. We seek to properly understand project objectives, risks, and costs and to adopt the optimum team based contracting model to achieve those objectives.

The early emphasis is on de-risking the project through thorough preparation and planning. We choose the optimum contracting model to suit the project and run effective tendering processes to ensure we get the most suitable designers, consultants and builder for the Project. Our key focus during construction is on Quality and ensuring we have effective and meaningful QA processes which lead to successful project conclusion and high client satisfaction.

Development management

  • Interrogating and understand clients objectives
  • Risk management and assessment
  • Feasibility modelling
  • Project strategy
  • Planning strategy
  • Cost planning
  • Consultant suitability engagement and management
  • Remediation
  • Demolition
  • Stakeholder management
Design Management

  • Consultant briefs
  • Consultant engagement
  • Manage consultants to meet the project and client objectives
  • Utilities Engagement
  • Cost Planning
  • Value Engineering
  • Environmental performance
  • Authorities and utilities engagement
  • Stakeholder management
Project Management & delivery

  • Delivery strategy
  • Develop and manage Building contract and tender process
  • Engagement of delivery team
  • Contractor management
  • Contract administration
  • Quality and performance management
  • inspection and control of defects
  • Project completion
  • Client service
Special services

  • Smart buildings/smart cities
  • Environmental performance
  • Green star rating
  • Renewable energy and storage specialist advice


T: +61 2 9101 1111

Direct contact - Ross Lentell:
D: +61 2 9101 1137

Affordable housing and NDIS: Nation Building Scheme $2.1bn | 270 affordable homes | 2009–2014
NDIS: DPN Casa Capce, NSW $200m | 120 NDIS Group Homes (commencement 2019)
NDIS: DPN Casa Capce, NSW $200m | 120 NDIS Group Homes (commencement 2019)
Aged Care and Retired Developments: Seniors Living Townhouses, Frenchs Forest $4m | 97% Basix Energy rating | 2015