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53 Walker Street, North Sydney NSW, Australia

Marchese Partners is a global design consultancy offering a unique philosophy that continues to reimagine and enrich the lives of senior citizens around the world.

Through research, innovation and experience, we create environments and experiences that allow communities and their residents to live their best lives with dignity and enable them to continue to make their own choices.

We continually develop globally recognised design solutions for ageing better through integrating lifestyle, care, wellness, family, community and individual resident expectations.


Marchese Partners is a leading global design practice with a focus of improving the lives of our senior citizens.

Over the past two decades Marchese Partners has embarked on a mission to promote resident focused Seniors Living and Aged Care projects globally and design environments for residents to live their best lives.

This commitment includes Marchese Partners forming research alliances with Universities, academics and industry leaders to understand all aspects of ageing to formulate specific design solutions that address issues such social isolation, loneliness and dementia.

In Australia Marchese have designed multiple award-winning Seniors Living and Aged Care projects. These include landmark developments such as Aveo Springfield, Aveo Clayfield, Mark Moran Vaucluse, Waterbrook Greenwich, Watermark Castle Cove & Retire Australia Glengara Care and Gaynes Park for LifeCare.

In Zhuhai City, China we are designing a large scale International Healthy Living Park & Retirement community that will revolutionise ageing and care within a progressive new city environment. Our design philosophies have been tailored to target the local Chinese and Hong Kong markets and are currently receiving international interest in this model of care across Asia.

In the UK we are working with Guild Living across multiple vertical, fully integrated Later Living projects in Bath, Epsom, Walton and Uxbridge that deliver a level of care and intergenerational living that will set the new benchmark for UK and European living.

In New Zealand, Marchese is working on multiple large scale fully integrated Later Living destinations that will deliver the local market tailored living and care precincts that will raise the level of residents expectations and set benchmarks for the next generation of later living environments.


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