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8 Clunies Ross Court, Eight Mile Plains, Queensland, Australia

MPS delivers medication management solutions to enable pharmacists to better serve both community patients and Residential Aged Care Facility residents. Our smart solutions help make provisioning and taking medicines simple, safe and secure.


Founded in 1997, MPS (Medication Packaging Systems Australia Pty Ltd) provides Medication Management Solutions to pharmacists enabling them to better serve both their community patients and Residential Aged Care Facility residents.

In 2002, MPS Brisbane was the first Dose Manufacturing Facility in Australia to receive a Therapeutic Goods Administration license. MPS is the only provider with a 10 year Therapeutic Goods Administration approved track record. Maintaining these licences is vitally important and means adhering to a national system of stringent controls and standards relating to quality, safety, efficacy and timely availability of therapeutic goods used in Australia.

Today, MPS operates three Dose Manufacturing Facilities nationally and is Australia’s leading provider of automated Dose Administration Aid solutions to pharmacists, their community patients and Residential Aged Care Facility residents.


Running a pharmacy is demanding. Every pharmacist faces a daily range of competitive, regulatory and financial pressures all the while trying to deliver the best possible outcome for their customers’ health and wellbeing. We offer a range of medication management options to suit your pharmacy’s individual circumstances.

MPS Packettes are a simple and easy way to provide you with all of your medications for a particular dose time. By ensuring your medication is always taken exactly as prescribed, and at the right time, you can maximise its effectiveness. This increases the likelihood of a better medication outcome for you.

Aged Care
MPS supplies a nationwide network of pharmacies with an outsourced Dose Administration Aid service. This service allows pharmacies, some of who are dispensing to multiple facilities and over 500 residents, to efficiently meet the medication management needs of their Residential Aged Care Facility customers.

With over 20 years of industry experience we know that Residential Aged Care Facilities often have numerous other requirements. MPS Client Pharmacies can supply a range of additional products and services specifically designed to facilitate better Medication Management in your facility.