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INS is a leading family-owned Australian Health Care Company dedicated to delivering quality services that support people in their home. Illawarra Nursing Service is our original name and proud heritage. For over 30 years, we have exclusively staffed our call centres with nurses 24/7.  We are a family-owned business proudly located in the Illawarra (Wollongong), and a local employer servicing clients throughout Australia and New Zealand, with further international markets opening soon.


The INS Group was established in 1984 as the Illawarra Nursing Service. As we grew, our health care services division became known as INS Health Care. As one of the oldest care providers in Australia, we have had substantial experience in providing health care services in the community, as well as eHealth, TeleHealth and accompanying assistive technologies.

INS LifeGuard is a specialised Personal Response Centre operation with integrated Telecare and TeleHealth/virtual care services and technologies monitored by nurses and other healthcare professionals. We also provide nurse call systems for independent living and aged care. INS LifeGuard’s services are available Australia-wide and throughout New Zealand.

INS CareCall supplies emergency response equipment and services, including hardware manufactured by Chiptech, Smart-Caller, SmartLink, and the LifeGuard L-Series Diallers. Monitoring services are provided through INS Lifeguard’s Emergency Response Centre, staffed by qualified nurses and other healthcare professionals.

INS Technologies specialises in the development of leading edge eHealth and TeleHealth technologies, products and services.


With over 30 years’ experience and now servicing more than 30,000 independent living units across Australia, we have evolved the INS LifeGuard SmartHome solution to include Manager’s and Client Portals as well as a Concierge Service.

LifeGuard: our technology and systems save lives. Evolving from the emergency response systems, our TeleHealth equipment can monitor medical conditions such as diabetes, COPD, chronic heart failure and unstable blood pressure to name a few, plus deliver better outcomes and peace of mind for residents and their families.

SmartHome: complete package of optional services including telephone, basic internet (with access to social applications such as Facebook, Skype, YouTube and Email), and a suite of home automation and security functions as well.

Concierge Service: full village community management suite of modules to service residents and their families plus provide risk management services for operators. Ability to schedule services and draw reports in real time assists with management and accounting responsibilities.

SmartHome IP Dialler V2