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SA court decides that an employer can be liable for an employee’s criminal conduct. Is time for police checks of employees?

Sonia Bolzon of SA law firm Lynch Meyer reports that the SA Supreme Court recently found that if an employee is required to have access to the home of a person for whom they are caring to perform their duties, any intentional wrongdoing in the nature of theft or other fraud (is) within their scope of employment, and linked inherently to the employer’s business. The case involved theft via an ATM card. The Court found that whilst the employer did not authorise the theft, it put the employee in a position where theft was possible and therefore must be responsible for the way the employee acted.

Aged care staff are required to have police checks; maybe it would be good insurance to consider it for village employees. Police checks can now be easily and quickly obtained from the PRM Group at $44 per employee. Phone 03 9370 8294.