Village sales enquiry level peaks mid January – 3,337 searches a day / 19,944 for 7 days

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Many people ask us when are the biggest ‘sales’ days of the year – the answer is 12 to 18 January. (See the Google Analytics graph). Hopefully you witnessed this with enquiry at your village.
In that one week we had 19,944 searches on our web directory,, for a seniors accommodation solution. This is 15% up on a normal week pre Xmas; for 12 to 18 November we had 17,277 searches.

Shining a spotlight on the increasing interest in villages by potential residents, plus the increasing concentration of searches on, the traffic 12 months ago for 12 to 19 January was 13,166. This means the search enquiry has increased by 51%.

The dominant behaviour is to search by suburb or one named village. They then move around, investigating 3-4 villages over 3 minutes.

32% are return searches within 30 days. This means 13,000 individual people search a month.
Nationally approximately 17,500 village homes sell a year or 1,458 a month. Assuming most potential buyers visit this means approximately one in ten who search actually buy.

People come to our web site because they have identified that they have, or may have, a need for alternative accommodation in the near future. Demand would appear to substantially exceed supply.


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