WA Government moves to strengthen resident protection – largely thanks to one operator

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The WA Shadow Commerce Minister, Ljiljanna Ravlich, is claiming the 16,000 residents of retirement villages “desperately need more protection”. The Minister, Simon O’Brien, is making sweeping amendments to the Retirement Villages Act. He says “It’s about providing residents protections from people that engage in excessive or improper behaviour.” Changes include a mechanism to stop ‘certain people’ from operating or managing a village, ability for the Government to install an administrator, longer cooling off periods, allow residents to make collective appeals to the Tribunal against excessive recurrent charges and limiting the time charges have to be paid after leaving the village.
The media has had a field day, referring to the ‘dodgy operators’ but in fact the changes refer largely to one operator now departed – whose actions have impacted on the whole sector. He has now gone, after a lot of work by the RVA and others. This again emphasises the need for widespread adoption of accreditation before Governments implements its own standards. For more information contact the RVA.