We announce ‘free’ ceiling insulation for retirement villages

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The Federal Government is making available a subsidy of $1,000 per rental dwelling for
insulation, including retirement villages. (This is a lower amount than the $1,600 available
for owner occupiers).
We have developed a one-off opportunity to utilise this government funding to provide
retirement village residents with ‘free’ ceiling insulation via our company DCM Insulation.
We guardedly use the word ‘free’ because of several factors that you should be aware of.
The average ILU is approximately 90sqm in living space. At today’s prices nearly all these
ILU’s can be fitted with insulation within the $1,000 subsidy. In fact we can accommodate
up to 120sqm if there are no complications. But added costs are incurred if there are
downlights, air conditioning vents and so on. Each ILU needs a separate inspection,
especially above 90sqm in size.
The media has been exposing that there is very short supply of insulation in Australia.
The government plans for 2.7 million homes to be insulated over the next 24 months.
We have secured supply of premium quality insulation to service the entire needs of the
village and care sector – and the skilled workforce. (DCM Sanctuary is now the largest
solar panel installer in Australia).
To comply with the subsidy requires a process of inspections, written quotes, resident and
operator approvals, written work orders, individual resident invoices and applications to
the government. DCM Insulation has developed a kit for operators and a kit for residents
(available next week). If you would like to lodge your village interest, simply reply to this
newsletter email or email to info@villages.com.au.
(Note: Tenanted homes are not eligible for the $1,600 solar heating rebate. The ceiling
insulation rebate is the only option available).