Attention village and care owners and operators: check the findings of our compliance survey

38% of small village operators are not ready for a legal regulatory compliance audit.

This was the concerning result of our Village & Care Compliance Health Check survey, developed in partnership with LexisNexis.

In fact six areas were found to be in need of greater CEO attention across the sample who participated in the survey, that went live 8 June.

Some examples

  • Marketing material – only 57% of small operators were checking for fairness and accuracy
  • Surveillance – just 1 in 2 felt they understood their obligations (and rights)
  • Compliance (proof) – just 62% felt they could prove they had a compliance regime in place

Today more than ever village operators must have a regulatory compliance process embedded in their business practices. It’s required by local, state and federal governments, as well as by regulators.

More importantly, it is expected by customers and needed by staff for their professional protection.

In the Four Corners extremely damaging attack on Aveo, they ran a segment on a resident that tragically died in 40 degrees heat in the village garden. The program accused that she was entrapped in the garden because of the ‘locked doors’.

Regulations on doors and surveillance, to name a few, came into discussion. Aveo did comply – but they easily could not have without a compliance regime. They have since been able to demonstrate the woman was not ‘entrapped’.

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