39 days to go before solar offer closes – order bulk applications urgently

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The Federal government’s Solar Homes and Communities Plan rebate closes June 30, or in 39 days. The ‘bucket’ of $390 million available as rebates valued at up to $9,000 to all Australians to install solar electricity panels is being rapidly consumed by nearly 3,000 applications per week. To help you and your residents to apply for the Sanctuary Energy/villages.com.au program where they can receive an absolutely free solar installation, we have now built our resources to send a village that wishes to participate a box of preprinted application forms and explanation notes. Please email meganm@villages.com.au with the number of ILU’s in your village and your contact details and we will courier the application forms to you.

Over the past 14 days approximately 5,000 village residents application forms have been completed. We are also processing applications for village managers and families of residents who will receive the benefit of the bulk purchasing pricing being offered.

Where possible, presentations are being made to the residents of villages by Sanctuary Energy and villages.com.au. If this is required please place your request with Megan at meganm@villages.com.au.