4,300 residents speak: village life is safer and they will live longer

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Good news for village residents, great news for village marketers!

More preliminary results from our National Resident Survey have come in. Check the table above.

Over 80% of 4,300 residents feel physically safer in their village and think they will have a longer quality of life by moving to their village. Two-thirds even believe that they will live longer as a result of the move!

I ask the question, what other product or service can deliver these comprehensive positive results amongst ageing Australians, as they enter the later stage of their life?

Think about it. These residents made a single purchase decision and the impact has been positively exceptional. No other action can match it.

As we discussed last week, just 4% of residents feel they are partially disappointed to greatly disappointed they had moved to a village.

It is a great story, that needs to be told.