800 people join Federal Court class action over Ruby Princess outbreak

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Two weeks ago, Shine Lawyers announced it was investigating a potential class action against Anglicare after 19 residents at Newmarch House died during its 65-day coronavirus outbreak – now the compensation law firm has filed a claim against Carnival and Princess Cruise Lines on behalf of 800 passengers over their handling of a coronavirus outbreak that led to over 20 deaths.

The ship, which docked in Sydney on March 19, became one of Australia’s largest infections after its 2,700 passengers were allowed to disembark, despite some on board having symptoms of “influenza-like illness”.

Hundreds ended up being infected, with over 20 deaths recorded.

The class action alleges that the cruise lines broke Australian consumer law by breaching consumer guarantees and by engaging in conduct that was misleading and deceptive and that the operators were negligent and failed in their duty of care to provide passengers with a safe cruise.

“People on board the ship trusted Carnival to do the right thing but they were not told about the risk of coronavirus and some paid the ultimate price for it,” class actions practice leader, Vicky Antzoulatos said.

The companies have yet to file a defence to the claim.