$9,000 government cash rebate for solar panels are available now – over 350 ILUs had been approved. See government letters attached plus your invitation to participate – urgent seminar this week

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Since we announced last week that retirement villages have been successful in accessing government funds for solar paneling to feed electricity into the grid and reduce residents power bills by 30 to 40%, we have been inundated with queries on the validity of the offer. To help operators appreciate the opportunity we have attached government approval letters to individual residents, granting them $8,000+, that we have achieved.

We have combined with Sanctuary Energy to build an application kit so that residents can complete it quickly and without queries, plus we have negotiated installations of panels within the grant value provided by the government. There is no cost to the operator.

We have also obtained the endorsement of the Queensland Residents Association, with other states following.

This one-off unique opportunity allows village operators to access a substantial capital asset and resident benefit — but you must move quickly. The grant closes on 30 June (or before if the full $150 million budgeted is successfully applied for). If you are located in Sydney please attend our seminar. If you are located in other states email us at info@villages.com.au so we can help you.

Please see the seminar invitation attached with the government letters.