94% of US aged care facilities had COVID-19

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Australia’s aged care sector management worked miracles if you compare the amount of COVID-19 to similar facilities in the US.

94% of aged care facilities in the US had an outbreak of COVID-19 with the average aged care facility facing three separate outbreaks of coronavirus, a study by the Government Accountability Office finds. 95% of all deaths confirmed from COVID-19 in the US have occurred in people aged over 50.

85% of aged care homes had a COVID-19 outbreak of five week’s duration and some facilities had outbreaks lasting 20 weeks or more. About 19% faced two outbreaks, 30% faced three outbreaks, and 44% faced four or more outbreaks. The average facility faced three outbreaks.

The first outbreak at an aged care facility was in February 2020 when 27 out of 108 residents and 25 from 180 staff caught COVID-19 at a facility in Kirkland, Washington.

An unthinkable total of more than 183,000 residents and staff in aged care facilities have died from COVID-19 in the US.

About 200 wrongful death lawsuits have been filed against aged care facilities in nearly half of the states in America to date. Operators are using liability protections passed by former US President Donald Trump last year.

Aged care residents were prioritised in receiving a COVID-19 vaccination. 73.9% of the US population over 65 years has received both jabs.