A 102-year-old retirement village resident’s take on COVID-19

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On a lighter note, a story from Peter Wells, the retirement village manager at St Vincent’s Care Services Heathcote in Sydney’s southern suburbs.

“I was talking with my 102-year-old self-care resident the other day and asked him what he thought about the current situation with the pandemic,” he said.

“His response – ‘Well Peter, I was around for the Spanish Flu and I survived that (although I don’t remember it, I was only 1) – we’ll just have to wait and see with this one.’”

“Because he is so sprightly and well-spoken, you forget he was born before WWI ended and was in his twenties during WWII in which he served. Just another one of the stories that those working in the industry we are privy to.”

“As the meme I saw recently said, ‘Your grandparents went to war for 6 years – is it really going to kill you to sit on the lounge for two weeks’.” 

A great reminder of why we are in this sector.