ACQSC launches new panel to hear the feedback of consumers and their families

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The Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission (ACQSC) has created a new Consumers and Families panel to centre the voices of aged care clients and their relatives.

The panel, made up of people receiving Government-funded aged care as well as their families and representatives, will allow the ACQSC to hear their “vitally important” feedback, said Aged Care Quality and Safety Commissioner Janet Anderson (pictured).

“People receiving aged care, and their experience of that care, are central to the Commission’s purpose – ensuring their wellbeing underpins all of our efforts.

“They must be front and centre of everything aged care providers do, and also in the work of the Commission, placing the needs of those receiving care at the forefront at all times,” she said.

According to Ms Anderson, who was reappointed to another three-year term as Commissioner in February, the panel will help the Commission in its role as the national aged care watchdog to oversee services and handle complaints.

“It will improve the way we regulate aged care services and resolve complaints and help make sure that the information we produce is fit for purpose and easy to understand for everyone,” she said.

The ACQSC is hoping to gather ideas and opinions on:

  • issues that are of most concern to people receiving care that the Commission should know about;
  • how the Commission can reach people better;
  • how people can be better supported to interact with the Commission; and
  • videos or other resources prepared by the Commission.

Registration for the panel is now open at