Aged care providers: soon you may be able to compare your performance

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The Aged Care Quality Agency is introducing a new online system in June that will allow facilities to compare their accreditation ratings against regional and national benchmarks, according to Australian Ageing Agenda.

AACQA CEO Nick Ryan says that a new “computer assisted audit tool” will enable providers and the Agency to see the extent to which facilities meet the 44 standards.

Consumers will also soon be able to see how residents rate a facility through a new standardised tool.

Around 10 to 15% of visitors to MyAgedCare will be randomly selected to answer 10 questions, plus two open-ended ones, developed with La Trobe University’s Australian Institute for Primary Care and Ageing.

The 12 questions are:

  1. Do the staff treat you with respect?
  2. Do you feel safe here?
  3. Do staff meet your healthcare needs?
  4. How often do staff follow up when you raise things with them?
  5. Do the staff explain things to you?
  6. If I’m feeling a bit sad or worried, there are staff here who I can talk to.
  7. The staff know what they are doing.
  8. The place is well run.
  9. I am encouraged to do as much as possible for myself.
  10. Would you say you like the food here?
  11. What would you say was the best thing about this home?
  12. What is one thing you would suggest as an improvement at this home?

The AACQA currently interviews up to 60,000 residents a year, but until now, they have not had a quantitative tool for research.

A “visual analogue” has also been created to allow residents with impaired cognition or language to answer the questions.