Aged care residents come out ‘fighting’, saying they are safe and are disappointed with PM’s ‘locked away’ comments

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A reminder that residents still have a voice that needs to be heard?

Private Victorian aged care provider Lifeview has filmed a series of videos with its residents saying they do not want their homes to be opened up to visitors while COVID-19 is still active in the community.

You can watch one of the messages here.

The six residents featured say that they are safe and well in their homes and do not feel “locked away” as suggested by the Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

Michael – who has emphysema and asthma – says he is worried visitors will bring the virus into the home and it will kill him.

David says he believes the Government should be erring on the side of the caution, while June says though she would like to see her family, she wants visitor restrictions to be maintained.

Lifeview says a survey of residents across its five homes has shown over 80% agree or strongly agree with restrictions on visitors.