Are aged care workers ‘doubling up’ in the NDIS?

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With the NDIS now pouring new funding into disabilities, 75% of disability providers were actively recruiting through formal advertisements in the March quarter – a higher number than any other industry. They also managed to fill just two-thirds of advertised positions.

Now the first Australian Disability Workforce Report released by the not-for-profit National Disability Services (NDS) shows few aged care workers are moonlighting.

Just 9% of residential aged care workers have a second job, but most of those jobs being in another aged care facility, not disability.

“Government often talks about the two work forces will converge and the workforce will become much more flexible moving across both, but there’s no sign of that as yet,” report author Caroline Alcorso told Pro Bono News.

But that could be about to change. The report also showed the disability workforce is growing rapidly – around 12 per cent per year.

The next report is due to be released in February. Will it show any difference?