Anglicare Sydney’s new CEO Simon Miller excited by its Retirement Living portfolio

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Anglicare Sydney CEO Simon Miller said he is looking to provide closer links between its Home Care and Retirement Living divisions.

“I have particularly excited about Retirement Living and how we can extend that into the concept of “Seniors Living” or even “Seniors Thriving”. It has become clear to me that at Anglicare we have a fantastic product, but we need to ask ourselves how we can build that into a community that people will be looking for in the years to come,” said Simon in his first interview since being appointed for the role.

“How do we start to put in place the services around that and incorporate new technologies? How do we get Anglicare at Home and Retirement Living working more closely so that people can live in their own homes for longer? I’m eager to see what innovation Anglicare can bring to this space.”

Anglicare Sydney has 24 Retirement Living villages with over 3,000 residents across Sydney and the Illawarra and a comprehensive Home Care service with 4,000-plus clients.

Simon revealed why he was attracted to Anglicare Sydney.

“Anglicare is an organisation that has such a wonderful history – 160-plus years of serving the city for Christ. That history is deeply attractive to me,” he said.

“I’m really looking forward to the challenge and opportunity of deepening and extending that legacy. Those things together – the history and the future – are what really attracted me to Anglicare.”

The Christian Not For Profit is also keen to be involved in providing affordable housing.

“I am keen to expand our work in that area, as well as in Community Services. I’m also looking forward to exploring how we can tap into the emerging focus on sustainability through our Op Shops,” he said.

Simon, formerly Managing Director and Senior Partner at Boston Consulting Group (BCG), admitted the role was different.

“It is definitely a different tack! But a career at BCG is an amazing way to build and hone commercial, innovation, strategy, change management and digital skills, to work with outstanding Boards and Executive teams from many different companies and sectors and to see best practice globally. I hope to be able to bring that with me, but recognise that I have a lot to learn in aged care and community services and the leadership of an organisation of the size and scale of Anglicare.”