AnglicareSA and Southern Cross Care (SA & NT) halt union stop-work action in their homes

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Not For Profit aged care providers Anglicare and Southern Cross Care in South Australia went to the Fair Work Commission (FWC) to prevent staff belonging to the United Workers Union (UWU) stopping work for five hours on Tuesday.

However, UWU members in Western Australia and Queensland working at 28 Aegis aged care homes, Regis (9), one-third of Hall & Prior’s 18 homes, Churches of Christ (25) and Blue Care (48) walked off the job for five hours.

The action came as the independent Fair Work Commission held hearings into a proposed 25% wage rise for all workers.

Aegis CEO and owner Michael Cross said only 14% of its more than 3,400 staff belonged to the UWU and only 7% voted to take industrial action. He condemned the union’s action, stating he seriously regretted the UWU had decided to act against operators.

The UWU-affiliated aged care workers rallied in Brisbane and Perth, with smaller rallies held in regional areas, with union officials claiming the events were a huge success. Labor MP Patrick Gorman posed with AWU members in Perth (pictured).