ATTENTION: Important Insulation Update No.1

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Ceiling insulation is the key plank of the domestic market reaching the 2020 goal of a 20% reduction in carbon emissions, as insulation can reduce a household’s electricity consumption by up to 50%. The government wants 2.7 million homes insulated by June 2011. Our sister company is DCM Insulation, specializing in the village and care market.

1. Rebate rumour – big $$ increase – guaranteed ‘free’ insulation
You should be aware that pre 2003 lease/loan and lease/license village ILU’s are eligible to receive $1000 in insulation from the Federal Government. Two contacts within government inform us that this is about to be raised to $1600 per ILU, in line with the rebate given to owner occupied houses. This is significant, especially if the ILU is over 90sqm or is a difficult install.

2. North QLD alert – insulation ban November to March
Our sources tell us that a major OH&S issue is being worked over, being the heat in North QLD ceilings through summer. It is highly likely that installing insulation will be banned between November and March. This will mean bottlenecks before November and in April/May. Book your insulation with DCM Insulation now.

3. Bad media press: no insulation stock, cheap Chinese product, Gov audit
Talkback radio has been full of bad news on fly-by-night insulation installers who are contracting clients and then not being able to supply because there is virtually no quality insulation stock available, or providing inferior insulation that does not reach government standards. The Opposition is demanding mass audits – and indications are they will get it. The question is who will pay to make good if the Government has paid for inferior insulation?

4. Installer numbers in trouble
The Government has released that it has paid 155,886 insulation rebates, but its target is 2.7 million installations over the next 24 months. This means 24,500 homes have to be insulated every week for the next two years to achieve this target. This won’t happen because there are not enough qualified installers.

5. Aged Care covered for insulation – but not community centres
Many operators do not appreciate that aged care facilities are also covered in the insulation rebate program. Accommodation areas can be insulated but not corridors, common areas or community facilities.

6. DCM Insulation – Boral insulation stock available
We are now taking bookings to supply bookings to inspect villages. The process required by Government is:
• Inspection
• Individual quote for each ILU
• Individual work ticket raised
• Individual resident sign off of completed
• Operator sign off of each work
• DCM Insulation submits to government
• Payment to the installer (DCM Insulation)
We have long term supply of top quality branded Boral insulation, and its available now. It can also be supplied and installed within the government rebate pricing. Email info at or call 02 9810 5555 to register your village.