Australian-designed sticker to better monitor aged care residents’ hydration levels

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Health technology company WearOptimo has developed a new, sticker-like sensor that could be used to keep aged care residents in better health.

Developed in association with Australian National University (ANU) and distributor Aspen Medical, the device uses electronic microsensors to monitor the wearer’s vital signs.

ANU Professor Mark Kendall says this could lead to more sophisticated systems to keep tabs on the health of aged care residents.

“We use little colour charts on the walls of toilets – people are asked to inspect the colour of their urine. We use a pinch test. People get weighed before and after (urinating). These are poorly managed approaches not in step with the technology available today,” he said.

The device is also being used in occupations where people are at an acute risk of dehydration or heat stress, or in tropical climates.