Baby boomers – will they create new options in retirement living, challenging retirement villages?

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The first wave of Baby boomers is upon us and most village managers are reporting that they are ‘different’.

Baby boomers are far more opinionated, direct and expecting upgraded village homes and services.

If they can’t find what they want in retirement villages, where will they go?

For some time, we have been showcasing the Beacon Hill model out of Boston (USA). A neighbourhood of apartment-dwelling retirees have formed a cooperative with a membership system priced at US$750 a year.

For this, they have one employee who coordinates communication and activities.

The first community, in Beacon Hill, has recently had its 10th anniversary. We encourage you to check out an edited video of three minutes HERE to give you an idea of the competition we may have if we do not respond to the new Baby boomer customer.