The ‘basics’ continue to be the driver for potential village residents

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A survey of 514 seniors by Ellivo Architects has found that older respondents were more likely to want to stay in their current neighbourhood, with the most important location factors rated as:

  • Being close to public transport (84 per cent rated as high or moderate importance);
  • Near a hospital or healthcare setting (83 per cent);
  • Lovely landscape setting (77 per cent); and
  • Close to local shops (75 per cent).

Ellivo had commissioned the survey to find out why only a small number of retirees choose to go into retirement villages.

But it does show that 27 per cent of retirees are looking to the inner city, which has never been home to large numbers of over-55s.

Traditionally, the “baby boomer” generation moves house every 15 years in their life, first to where they can afford to buy a first home, then to be closer to their kids’ schools and work and finally they retire and downsize. So why not to the city?