Catering for regional demand: Gladstone Council buys land for senior housing – funded by local bequest

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The QLD council has purchased the 8,700sqm block next to the Sunset Lodge retirement village funded by $187,000 left from the estate of James McAdam in 2006 for “the housing of aged persons within the township of Miriam Vale”.

The site was formerly home to a 10-unit community housing project owned by the Miriam Vale Council which the Council took over when they amalgamated in 2008.

Mayor Matt Burnett said it was the perfect opportunity considering they had been left the money to expand the village.

“Whether that’s going to happen in 12 months or 10 years is yet to be decided but you’ve got to make a decision to purchase when the time is right,” he said.

Locals will be hoping for sooner rather than later. As we covered recently, the region has only had 36 new retirement living units built in the last decade.