Catholic Health Australia CEO pens editorial for the Fin Review

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Pat Garcia (pictured) – who only started in the role in October 2019 – has written an 850-word piece for the national newspaper calling for the need to unlock the wealth in the family home to pay for future aged care.

Mr Garcia makes a clear argument for major structural reform – noting that while the Federal Government needs to make urgent funding injections into the sector, taxpayers can also not be relied on to fund aged care at the levels expected to meet rising community expectations.

Mr Garcia – who was previously the acting General Secretary of the NSW Branch of the Australian Labor Party – is well placed to comment. He has worked as a financial analyst, corporate lawyer, a senior adviser in the Department of Prime Minister & Cabinet and Captain in the Australian Army Legal Corps, and as a political strategist in the Labor Party and in the Office of the NSW Premier.

CHA is Australia’s largest non-government provider of health, community and aged care services with 25,000 aged care beds, 36,500 home care and support consumers, 7,000 village units and over 10,000 hospital beds.