Commissioner Lynelle Briggs wraps up aged care redesign workshops with call for sector’s leaders to get on board with reforms – or exit

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At last week’s two-day workshops in Adelaide, the Commissioner proved yet again that she is the driving force behind the Royal Commission and its plan to turn the system “upside-down” with a blunt statement on leadership.

CEOs and boards should take note of Commissioner Briggs’ closing comments – they are about your future:

“When we delivered our interim report, I think I was asked the question by some providers about what should we be doing and I can’t remember exactly but I think I said ‘Preparation for change’ or words to that effect, and I think that’s what the sector needs to do”.

“I think we need to think about what might some of the core elements of preparing for change would be.”

“I think leadership is clear on that, governance, stewardship of the change is pretty important”

“[A] catalyst for change [are]new players in the system who aren’t the same people who talk to governments all the time and how those new players or new workers or whatever can be brought in to keep a process of reform going.”

“Research about leading edge activities and how that is institutionalised and spread across the system are things we might talk about.”

“What I’m saying is can we raise the discussion up to that level,” she concluded, raising her arms up.

The Commissioner left the door open to anyone willing to contribute – who will step up?

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